The team was formed in 1998 with the marriage of David and Eleanor. Isaac joined the team in 2000.

Eleanor Oster - Managing Partner, Creative Director
Eleanor is the creative force behind TeamOster. Her assets include a dogged determination to figure things out and make them work. She loves a challenge. By puzzling things out, Eleanor has learned MS Access, Crystal Reports, HTML, and several others. She has learned how to create and edit graphics using several tools, although she prefers Photoshop. She is currently working on learning Linux and SQL.

David Oster - Chief Technical Consultant
David brings to the team an extensive knowledge base. He has a Bachelors from Harvard, and a Masters from Princeton. He has been working with Macintosh computers since they were first created, but his expertise is not limited to that platform. He has also programmed for Windows and Unix, primarily in C and C++. He has also taught Computer Science on a college level.

Isaac Edward Oster - Chief Perspective Officer
Isaac joined the team in August of 2000. His primary task as a team member is to remind the other team members what is really important in life. It is not clear if he will follow in the footsteps of the other team members by building a career in computers, although he does appear to have an interest in them.